Behaviour & Sites Policy



  • Each class lasts 60 minutes. Please be punctual in arrival as the warm-up at the beginning of the class is important and late arrivals can be disruptive.
  • Make sure to leave personal property in the designated area and take it with you when you leave


  • Be respectful! Respect yourself (be safe, train well), respect other people (no bullying, don’t waste other people’s time), respect the coaches
  • Talk to coaches about any issues you have, such as possible injuries, medical conditions, anything that isn’t safe, issues with other people’s behaviour, or anything else concerning you
  • Stay in the area you should be in for your class: don’t leave the room or go elsewhere on the site. Doing any parkour outside of your designated class without coach supervision is not allowed
  • Water, clothes, phones, etc, stay in the designated area. Please bring your own bottle or cup as these are not provided
  • If you need the toilet, some water or a rest break, please ask a coach first
  • Make sure to wear suitable clothing (sport shoes and sport appropriate clothes) and bring water with you


  • Foucan Academy Staff may film and take photographs and use these in line with consent which has been given to us
  • We ask parents and participants not to film or take photographs of sessions as these are likely to contain people for whom no consent has been given

Safeguarding Policy

  • Participants should be respectful to others and not be nasty, bully, hurt others, etc. If you/your child have experienced any behaviour which causes you concern, please speak to us about this so that we can resolve the situation
  • Please do not show aggression or use foul language to other parents or children 

Booking  and Communication

  • For general questions, queries, for pupil progress updates and or concerns please send an email to . Please use email for routine and non-urgent communication. Our phone number, which is for emergencies and immediate concerns, is: +44 7507 664106. When contacting us please include the participant’s name, which class they attend and which coach is involved.
  • Payment must be received and Terms and Conditions accepted before taking part in a session
  • Ensure any relevant medical information (or similar) is on register so that coaches are aware
  • If you wish to bring a friend along check in advance to make sure this is okay. Similarly, if you want to attend a different session than usual we must approve this in advance
  • Be aware that not all classes are for beginners, so only some classes can be signed onto

Parents  and Guardians

  • Parents are allowed to watch from the designated area at our discretion. We encourage parents to allow their children to develop independence and autonomy
  • Please do not wander around the site or play in the playgrounds, this is not allowed on our sites
  • If you are watching, please stay in the designated area for parents: do not enter into the class area without coach permission. If you need to talk to a coach or your child, please get the coach’s attention at a suitable time from the designated area. Please do not distract your child or walk into the space as this can be dangerous.
  • No food for students during sessions (unless medical exception). It is not safe to exercise with food in the mouth and there are not any breaks in the class with time for food
  • If the class is quiet or the coach is trying to talk to the group, keep your voice down. Please do not take a phonecall in the room. Similarly, if you are waiting or watching, ensure that no distraction is caused
  • Please do not come and go during the class. Coaches are responsible for site security and during the classes coaches should be able to focus on coaching. Parents should either stay for the whole session or leave shortly after dropping off children and wait at the site entrance for the students to finish.
  • Please leave everything tidy afterwards

Development and Progression

  • If a student or parent wishes to talk to a coach about their development or changing class, they are always welcome to. To do so, please send an email to (and include the relevant information).
  • We encourage you to allow your children to develop independence and autonomy.
  • If you/your child is in a class which is not the most suitable for them then we might move to a more suitable class, please don’t be offended. We want students to be in the best class for them and the classes to fit together.

Site Policies 


  • Our staff are responsible for site access. To ensure safety, please do not open the main gates into our venues for anybody else and leave it for staff to control access
  • Participants should not be on any equipment, indoors or outdoors, unless it is during their class and with a coach. Before and after classes, if a participant is on site, they should be in a designated waiting area.
  • If you collect your children from the site, please ensure you do this in a way which is safe. In particular, we do not want anyone to get hurt running across the road to a car parked on the other side
  • Please collect children safely, they are only our responsibility up until the gate


Addison Primary School

  • Wait at the gate on Addison Gardens and wait there. A coach will come down to collect everyone at the start of their class and drop off children/escort people out at the end of the class.
  • The session takes place in the school hall on the first floor, or sometimes outside on the playground. There will be a designated area within the hall with benches and chairs for waiting, putting stuff, drinking, etc.
  • If the class is quiet or the coach is trying to talk to the group, keep your voice down. Please do not take a phonecall in the room.
  • It is important to be punctual (arrive early to be sure) because it takes time for the coach to come up and down the stairs to check the gate. We want coaches to be able to focus on delivering the session and not coming up and down the stairs to check the gate.
  • If you are late and stuck outside due to an exceptional circumstance, contact the Foucan Academy phone number +44 7507 664106 and we may be able to assist. However there is no guarantee for late arrivals.
  • There are toilets in the corridor outside the hall near the stairs.

Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle

  • Arrive at the reception on 35 Cromwell Road (north side of the site) and make your way to the gymnasium where the sessions take place
  • It is not allowed to play in the playground or climb on any outdoor equipment in the school
  • When arriving please be mindful of the class taking place. You should only be in that space if it is your class. Climbing on the climbing wall is prohibited
  • The gymnasium has designated areas for the session and for waiting. Please leave your belongings and only have food or drink in the designated area
  • There is a toilet accessible in the gymnasium adjoining the hall which also has a water fountain, but please bring a bottle as it takes time for everyone to drink from one fountain